Weekly Worship - Good Friday


Welcome to our Good Friday Worship page! 

This week, all the elements of our worship are available as videos which you can either play in turn from the page below or consecutively from our YouTube Playlist.

If you are able, please consider giving your using one of the options on our giving page.

Don’t forget to join us on Sunday for our Easter Sunday service!

Download: Prayer Guide for the Elim Day of Prayer

Our first worship song is “I Kneel Down (On The Blood Stained Ground)” by Graham Kendrick.

Next Pastor Abi brings our Good Friday message:"

We are called as believers to take communion in order to remember the Lord’s Death. Matt Redman’s song “Once Again” encourages us to think about the Cross where Jesus died.

Elim Sound now bring us the song “Crucified”.

We hope you will join us again for our Easter Sunday service!

Stay safe and God Bless!

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