Jack Bancroft - Deacon


Jack first became a Deacon of the church in the 1950’s and apart from a brief break has served in that role ever since. He and his wife Audrey recently celebrated their Diamond Wedding Anniversay. They have two daughters, Susan and Jenny who also attend Clifton Christian Centre.

Committing his life to God as a teenager has given Jack a peace and joy he never would have thought possible.

Now more than half a century later, after years of faithful service in the church, he can look back on a history of God’s constant guidance and help and have the assurance of a joyful future.

“I’ve been a Christian 65 years and I’ve not regretted a minute of my life with God,” he said.

“It excites me when I think about what I am looking forward to after this life.”

Jack has seen many answered prayers over the years. His granddaughter was struck with appendicitis while the family was on holiday. A local hospital had failed to diagnose two-year-old Lydia’s stomach pains, but while in Southampton, waiting to board a cruise, she was taken to the doctor, who referred her to Southampton hospital. Her appendix had burst.

“It turned out that it was one of the best hospitals in the country that had been featured on television” said Jack.

“When we saw her on return from holiday, she was completely well again.”

One miracle vividly remembered was when a builder was cutting through a supposedly dead electric cable while knocking down the old wooden church building at Fredora Avenue.

“We had paid the electricity company to turn it off, but it hadn’t happened,” said Jack.

“I was stood close by and suddenly there was a great bang and a flash and all the lights went out. The equipment he was cutting with just burned and melted. But he wasn’t harmed at all.”

“There have been many difficulties that God has seen me through, even though you don’t always realise at the time”, said Jack.

“I’ve also felt at times that the voice of God has come through quite forcefully about something. When I’ve done what God said, it’s worked out right. I do believe that God asks you to do things sometimes and if you don’t, things can often go pear-shaped.”

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