Friday Chillout Online - 10 July 2020


Welcome to our Friday Chillout Online page – the online version of our children’s club for boys and girls at primary school! It is great that you have come to see us!

Click through the videos below to join in with Friday Night Chillout!

First up is “Lovely Jubbly” – how many of the animal noises can you make?

God has a special plan for each of us and in the Bible there are many, many people who followed God and found out all about His special plan for their lives. This song reminds us of some of them,,,

Our story from the Bible this week is all about a lady called Esther who saved her people from something horrible!

Next Twist is going to find out what is in the box!

Our last song tonight tells us one way that we can follow God’s plan for our lives.

Thanks for joining us! The Colouring Sheet will to remind you of this weeks story.

Don’t forget to come back next week for more Friday Chillout online! And if you want to get in touch, please use our Contact page.

Bye for now!

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