Friday Chillout Online - 22 May 2020


Welcome to our Friday Chillout Online page – the online version of our children’s club for boys and girls at primary school! It is great that you have come to see us!

Click through the videos below to join in with Friday Night Chillout!

Our first song tonight is “Put Your Hands in the Sky” - if you listen to the words there are lots of actions that you can join in with!

The next song is called “We Want to see Jesus Lifted High” - which sounds strange but it means making Jesus like a banner or a flag that we can look up at and be encouraged when things are not going too well!

Jesus is amazing and people saw Him doing some brilliant things while he was on earth and our story from the Bible this week is all about them!

Jesus had 12 close friends that we call disciples - they saw many things that Jesus did and now Twist has a question to ask us!

Our last song is a favourite “Lovely Jubbly” - can you make all the right noises?

Thanks for joining us! The Colouring Sheet will to remind you of this weeks story.

Don’t forget to come back next week for more Friday Chillout online! And if you want to get in touch, please use our Contact page.

Bye for now!

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