Friday Chillout Online - 24 April 2020


Welcome to our Friday Chillout Online page - the online version of our children’s club for boys and girls at primary school! It is great that you have come to see us! You can get in touch with us using our contact form.

Click through the videos below to join in with Friday Night Chillout!

Lets have some fun tonight!

Remember that although things may scare us or make us worried we only have to ask God to help us! Our next song tells us that with God’s power working in us we can do much, much more than we can imagine!

Next we have our Bible story which is all about a man called Joshua and how God used him to do great things!

Finally our Two Minute twist and a song to remind us how Great God is!

We have a new Colouring Sheet for you to download and print to remind you of this weeks story.

Bye for now!

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