Virtual Pentecost - 23 May 2021


Virtual Pentecost is a call to the UK church to unite together for the largest UK’s online prayer meeting on Pentecost Sunday, 23rd May.

There will be a church service where we will be linking up with Christians from across the British Isles. We will be doing that here in the building, but if you are unable to attend in person, it will also be broadcast on TBN which is Freeview channel 65 at 11.00am.

The main celebration will take part at 2.00pm that afternoon and last for 2 hours. This will pray into how the church emerges from the covid pandemic, how we bring the message of healing to our communities and ask for God’s revival on our land. A range of voices from across the British Isles will take part.

We encourage you to watch this on TBN or on their website at

Virtual Pentecost is being coordinated by the National Day of Prayer and Worship, but has the backing and support of national Church and Ministry Leader across the British Isles including Elim.

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