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The Return of Christ: Part Four

The Eternal Creation.

2Pet.3: 3 – 13.

Intro.  We have looked at the coming of Christ for the Marriage of the Lamb, then we have seen how He will set up a Thousand year reign in which time he deals with His enemies, ruling with His Bride (The Church) a time of unknown peace and prosperity for the world now we look at the culmination of everything.

Satan loosed for a Final Showdown.

  • Rev.20: 7 – 10 Satan is released to stir up the hearts of men against Jesus and His reign. Sin and deception are still in the hearts of men.
  • gathering of the nations (Rev.20: 8b number like sands of the seashore)
  • This is man’s final and greatest rebellion against God; Satan as their supreme commander.
  • Satan’s doom predicted. Same place as the beast and false prophet – eternal torment.

The Old Heaven and Earth Renovated by Fire.

  • From the flames of Peter’s prophecy, a new Creation.
  • For those who scoff, Peter refers to past situations – a reminder of Father’s determination to rid His creation of sin. (Vrs.3 – 7)
  • Peter talks of intense heat in Vrs.10 and 12.
  • In spite of these frightening events, Peter encourages us to look forward to the creation of a new Heaven and Earth with diligence.

The New Heaven and Earth.

  • Rev.21: 1 – 4.  John’s description of the new Heaven and Earth is described as a Bride adorned for her groom.
  • It’s the bringing together of all the heavens and earth including the third heaven, the dwelling place of God. 2Cor.12: 1 – 4.
  • Suffering, pain, and tears does not exist in this new creation/renovation. Rev.21:4b ‘…the first things have passed away…’
  • Death will no longer have any part to play. (We will look at this next week)
  • The promise is to all who accept Jesus as Saviour. Rev.21: 6 – 8.

Summary. There will always be an earth and Heaven but Father has a plan to renew the whole of creation:  A place where righteousness and unity dwell, a place where sin has no existence and a paradise where suffering and death have been destroyed.


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