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Home Pastor's Pen Sermon Notes Yahweh-raah The Lord is my Shepherd

Yahweh-raah The Lord is my Shepherd

Knowing God – His Names.

YHWH – raah (Yahweh- my shepherd)

Psalm.23: 1 – 3


Intro.  Father is described as a shepherd in many places in Scripture.  And although we have lost some concept of what a shepherd is we can glean revelation of this name by looking at the character and quality of the early eastern shepherds.


Shepherds were not Glamorous Professions.

      David was a shepherd because he was the youngest of his brothers.  It was smelly, lonely, dangerous and considered to be the lowest of the low.

      Isa.53: 1 – 3  Reflects the opinion.  Yet Yahweh in all His beauty, majesty and glory called Himself a shepherd.

      Luke.2: 8 – 15  Father called the outcasts of society first.


Shepherds provide for Sheep – not the other way around.

      “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want....” 

      Yahweh is our provider, so this fits in with his compound Name.

      The sheep have the needs; the Shepherds has the provision.


Shepherds protect the Sheep.

      Its Father’s job to keep us in a place of safety.

      Luke.15: 3 – 7 His heart for the sheep knows no limit when we stray.

      He’s the Shepherd from the beginning.  Gen.3: 8 – 9.


Jesus takes this Name for Himself.

      John.10: 11 – 13.  He protects us from the wolves to the point of death.

      John.10: 14 – 16.  His sheep know His voice and  they stay in the fold.

      John.10: 7 – 10.   His sheep pen alone is the door to being saved.


Summary.  Yahweh is the Good Shepherd; he protects, provides and in Jesus reveals His way of salvation from the dangers of sin and death.


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